Monday, 31 August 2015

Bits and bobs creations

I was in the National Gallery of Victoria (Federation Square) shop yesterday and was thrilled to see a beautiful cap - actually called a Scold's Bridle made out of bits and bobs (odds and ends, bric-a-brac, knick-knacks, flotsam and jetsam etc etc etc). Of course it wasn't wearable - these days - but I was entranced by it.
There's a bit of everything here
I think I can see 2 eyes, 1 red nose and bowlips. Can you?
Made out of odds and ends - probably a lot of half a pairs of earings (the other lost!) - it was a delight to see although the history of a Scold's Bridle tells a different story. It was first recorded in England in 1567 and in Scotland was used on female transgressors and women considered nags, shrews or scolds - those suspected of witchcraft and preventing them from gossiping or speaking! It was sometimes called 'The Gossip's Bridle'. Now I know where the word scold comes from: a woman who nags or grumbles constantly - dreadful.

Woman wearing a Scold Bridle - oh the shame of it (
Even with that ghastly history it so reminded me of the necklace that I made out of half pairs of earings, broken pieces of necklaces, unworn jewellery that needed a revamp, old buttons (some from my grandmothers and my mothers collections). In otherwords just about anything I could get my hands on!

My trinket necklace
Whenever I wear it there is always much comment. And it makes a fair bit of noise - jingle jangling as it does.  
Iris couldn't fit another piece of jewellery on - well then maybe she could!
It reminded me of the noise of all the jewellery worn by the famed Iris Apfel - the current documentary on her at the movies really is a must. Do go see it. After all anyone in their 90's who has become a stylist mega star deserves to be supported. (read an interview here). How much more interesting is her dressing than the usual predictable 'oldies' wardrobe. She does make a lot of jingle jangle noise in the film but I say go-for-it! I don't know how she has the strength to lift her arms with all those bracelets. (more fun than lifting weights!)
Her necklace reminds me of the 2 dozen strands of pearls available at the Bead shop!
I was sad to read that her devoted husband who features in the film died just short of his 101st birthday - here is the New York Times obituary.

Do you ever jingle jangle when you step out? Oh and if you would like me to 'run up' a necklace for you out of bits and bobs then start collecting and then contact me at and we could come to an 'arrangement'! And I assure you it will be less than the Scold's Bridle - a snip at $5000.00!

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